What is Vacuum Cleaner?

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we all do that. You are cleaning your living room there is a shoe, toy or a bottle on your way and you are so lazy to stop the vacuum and bend down to move the obstacle that you just lift it with the vacuum and throw it in the other corner. Where it will probably be again in your way, but you are a professional crane driver now, you accept the challenge. Let's scale things up a bit. How about lifting your car from the driveway with that vacuum cleaner. Not possible, think again. Mythbusters already did that, so it's no longer a myth. This is a great idea for a project with your son. If you have an old vacuum cleaner and you can live with her destruction, go for it. If you don't have the engineer skills needed just leave the vacuum cleaner in one piece and build a frame around it to make it like a crane. I am sure your son will be having a lot of happy moments moving things around the house with the power of his new high-tech, vacuum powered crane. And if your hamster is missing you would know where to look first.

When it comes to the difference between carpet sweepers and vacuum cleaners based on size, then difference is obvious. The sweeper is much smaller than the vacuum for the simple reason that the sweeper is usually needed for much smaller cleanup tasks.

The much larger traditional vacuum cleaner is more beneficial in situations where there are much larger floor surfaces to clean. The increased size makes it possible to cover more ground than the sweeper.

If you're not physically capable to lift the heavier vacuum cleaner, then the sweeper is really going to be your only option because it is very lightweight and easy to maneuver around the house. Most sweepers weigh in around
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