Common questions about car washing

As much as you take care of your car washing, from time to time it needs a general cleaning, because if you use it daily and travel a lot, dirt will eventually accumulate. There are a lot of services providing exterior and interior small parts washer services, so you should constantly choose a reliable one. There are special solutions which are recommended by specialists, while others are believed to deteriorate and have a negative effect over the materials, especially for those in the interior. Car parts washer requires additional solvents and substances, which makes the process complicated and less acknowledged by many people. You may thing that there is no need for special care because things are crystal clear, but this is actually not true.

Many people are used to washing their cars at home, using a garden hose, but in time this may make its exterior seem dull. They are not aware of the negative effects home washing has on their cars, but in fact, the exterior will end up looking worn out after many washes. Even if the products used are the same as those used in car washes, the devices differ, and this can influence the final result. A single home wash, with household tools, can leave scratches which have a depth of about 10% of the total thickness of the paint. At a fist glance, this seems insignificant, but with the passing of time and corroborated with other external factors, it may make your car look ‘old'. Professional studies have shown that vehicle owners should avoid as much as possible washing their cars at home, because the devices used cannot support the necessary amount of water, and they do not have the appropriate small parts washer solutions. For this reason, you should opt for professional car washer, at least from time to time. They will know which products suit best the type of finishing your car has, and if it needs to be waxed or not.

However, there is no exact answer to which is the best cleaning solution, since this depends on the surface of the car. Generally, cars are built from various materials and their surfaces are covered in acrylic paint, vinyl, chrome, plastic, glass and so on. Not to mention the interior materials, which have nothing to do with metals and tough materials, so a general washing requires plenty of special agents. Make sure you do not use household solvents consist in strong solvents which deteriorate and break down the oils from paint and vinyl, which will make the car look dull. Many people make the mistake of adding soaps or laundry detergents in the water they use to wash the car, without knowing these have a high degree of alkaline concentration which causes damage to the finish. For superficial cleaning, you can perform washing at home, but only a company with experience in the field will provide the appropriate solutions in terms of cleaning, for each part of your car washing, according to the season, weather and other relevant variables.
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