House Washing and Tips for Cleaning the Siding

Pressure washing, sometimes referred to as power washing, is an effective means of cleaning the exterior of your house or making final preparations before newly painting it. Pressure washing is basically the spraying of water or some detergent at a high speed. This process helps remove dirt, chalk residues and also old paint from the siding of the house and thus is very efficient in house washing.

A pressure washer is suitable for many siding materials such as metal, vinyl and also many masonry types. However, a pressure washer should not be used on brick or wood siding. This is because a sustained strong velocity spray of water at a specific point can erode the grain of the wood or dislodge the mortar that is between the bricks. Hardboard siding also should not be cleaned via a pressure washer as hardboard and moisture do not mix well. These surfaces aside, a pressure washer can be used for various other house washing projects.

When using the power or pressure washer, make sure that you use both your hands and that you are never standing on a ladder while operating it. If you must work from raised areas, you should rent a six to twelve foot extension shaft though you must keep in mind that these are usually slightly cumbersome to operate.

In order to get best house washing results, hold the nozzle of the washer around three feet away from the wall and move closer to the wall till the spray becomes adequately strong but at the same time not overly strong. Be careful not to get within one foot of the siding otherwise you may end up damaging it. Also take extreme caution that you never point the nozzle at any person and also to wear eye protection as the water comes out at an extremely high pressure. Ensure that there aren't any electrical devices while you are engaged in your various house washing jobs. Additionally, take care in protecting plants, lighting, and other fragile objects around you with duct tape, drop cloths and plastic bags. It is also best to move any outdoor furniture that may get in the way of your cleaning.

To clean the siding, you should connect the power washer to a regular garden hose. If the washer comes with a detergent dispenser, then you should fill the dispenser with some kind of a cleaning or pressure washing solution. After this, work from top to down while holding the washer at a 45 degree angle. At this angle, spray gutters, downspouts and overhangs. Then, move the spray from one side of the siding to the other while maintaining a stable pace. Keep the nozzle a few feet away from the wall and adjust this distance continuously in order to get the cleaning results. As best you can, direct the nozzle a bit downward so that the spray does not negatively impact the siding's horizontal joints. When the spray approaches windows, make sure to diverge the nozzle away while holding the nozzle at such an angle that no water enters through the window. Once done, you should rinse the siding with water courtesy a garden hose, again in the top to bottom direction.
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