Tips: How to find a good air purifier

How to find a good air purifier for your room?
Not everyone is convinced on the benefits of using an air purifier. It is a debate that will never be dismissed because just like the nature of air that we inhale, it is something that is omnipresent but one that remains invisible to the naked eye. It is nearly impossible for ordinary folks like yourself and myself, to be able to differentiate the difference in air quality with and without the use of a purifier. This is unless we have an appartus that can scientifically measure the quality of the air. We need to therefore rely a lot on the various air purifier ratings reviews written by consumers who have experienced noticeable benefit in using an air purifier

Morck Air purifier

When you are looking for an air purifier, the first important step is to establish the reason why you are in need of one. This is very important so that you do not do a blind comparison across the different air purifiers. For example, if you are a pet owner and pet hairs is your main concern, you would then need to be looking out for the best air purifier for pets. If you are suffering from Asthma and have been recommended by your physician to get an air purifier, then you need the best air purifier for asthma patients. The basic fundamental on how air purifier works remain the same but it is the component specifications that make the difference. Therefore, if you are clear about this from the beginning, you may save a lot of time.

With the growing shift towards online shopping, it is now very convienent for one to buy the best air purifiers. Online retailers open their doors 24-hours a day and there are hundreds of them from which you can make your purchase without leaving the comfort of your home at all. The best part is not only that. There are tonnes of air purifier reviews from which you can conduct virtually unlimited amount of research and you can make a comparison on the prices that the different retailers are offering. With so many e-retailers to choose from, online shopping presents one with much wider range of air purifier models compared to the traditional brick-and-mortar shopping. This is all the more sweeter considering the fact that it can be accomplished without consuming much time as there is not a need to hop from one store to the next.

While going through air purifier reviews, it is essential to keep in mind that there are generally two categories of air purifiers. The first category is filter-based and the second category is ionizer-based. Obviously, filter-based purifier is the older technology among the two but just by looking at the increasing amount of ionic air purifier reviews, you can tell how popular ionizer-based air purifier among consumers. As to which of the two is more superior than the other, my take is it depends on what you expect out of your air purifier. Filter-based models require either cleaning or replacement on regular basis, depending on the type of filters that your purifier is using. Ionizer-based models does not necessitate regular replacement but the plate used to attract the dust needs to be cleaned regularly if you want your device to work effectively.

When it comes to air purifier selection, the list of brands can be long and examples of popular brands include the likes of Honeywell and Morck. But what my past experiences taught me is that the best air purifier that best matches your requirements may not necessarily be designed by the most renowned brands. Different companies have carved their own niches by focusing on different market needs and it is good for consumers in general. For example, you will find from most Honeywell air purifier reviews that they make great HEPA-filter based air purifier models but Sharp is the one that makes better ionizer based air purifier models. It is hence important to put aside brand loyalty and choose wisely.

Choose the right Air Purifier
As a closing note, the task of identifying the one with the best air purifier ratings reviews many be easier once you are clear about your objective. Once you have the list of features that you need and don't, you can simply shorlist the models that fulfill your criteria and see if they are considered by many reviewers to be among the best air purifiers. This approach would lets you save hundreds of hours of research and focus only the things that matter. After you have narrowed down your options, remember to check if they are new models because if you are looking at older models, there is a possibility that they are no longer available in the market.

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How Does a Steam Cleaner Work?

No Chemicals
Using only water and electricity, a steam cleaner can clean and deodorize almost any surface without the use of chemicals. Although steam cleaners resemble vacuum cleaners, they are different in that they expel hot steam made of tap water to disinfect surfaces by killing the bacteria, viruses, molds, funguses and dust mite that are almost invisible to the human eye.

Ecologically Friendly
The essential component of a steam cleaner is water. Using less than a gallon of tap water, you can use most units continuously for about an hour. Since no chemicals are used, steam cleaners are ecologically friendly.

Steam Created
When you pour the water into the device, heating elements within the steam cleaner heat the water to the point where it evaporates and becomes steam. At this point, the steam rises from the base of the unit into a tube that leads to the cleaning head. Once it has reached the steaming head, the steam reaches temperatures of approximately 230 to 260 degrees Fahrenheit.

Quick to Dry
To clean a surface, glide the steaming head over the area like you would a vacuum. The cleaning is done by the heat of the steam vapor itself, rather than difficult scrubbing or the addition of chemicals. Due to the lack of moisture in the steam vapor, the surface is dry within fifteen minutes, which is important for carpets because it does not allow new mold and fungi to grow. With the proper attachments, steam cleaners can also be used on tile floors, shower doors, metal blinds, draperies and other surfaces. Portable handheld steam cleaners are also available to clean items from auto interiors to countertops.

Dry Steam Cleaners
Some steam cleaners are referred to as dry steam cleaners. This version uses very hot steam vapor that lacks moisture. The vapor in these cleaners has less moisture than the air we breathe and is heated to higher temperatures than traditional steam cleaners. Instead of 15 minutes of drying time, dry steam cleaners dry almost instantly.

Steam-Clean Clothes
A few specialized steam cleaners are specifically designed for clothing. These devices not only remove dirt and grime from clothing, they have the ability to take out wrinkles and unwanted folds. The result is a machine that is capable of doing the jobs typically handled by a washing machine, clothes drier and iron.

Increasingly Popular
While steam cleaners aren't nearly as popular in American households as vacuum cleaners, their multipurpose use and ecofriendly cleaning method have increased their popularity over the last decade.

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How to Use a Steam Cleaner

Steam cleaning can make your carpet look new again.
Heavily soiled carpets that do not become clean with regular vacuuming can be cleaned with a steam cleaner. A steam cleaner uses water to deep-clean the carpet fibers, removing dirt that is inaccessible to vacuum cleaners. Steam cleaning a carpet can make it look better and smell fresher, giving it a new life. Steam cleaners can be purchased at cleaning supply stores or rented at many grocery and home improvement stores.

Things You'll Need:
Steam cleaner machine
Steam cleaner machine soap 
Vacuum cleaner Carpet stain remover spray


1.Remove the water container from the steam cleaner and fill it up to the "full" line with hot tap water. Add soap that is made specially for a steam cleaner. Any other soap will produce too many suds for the machine. Read the steam cleaner soap label to determine how much to use. If you desire, you can skip the soap and steam clean with just water. The water in itself will clean the carpet. For very dirty or stained carpets, the soap is a good addition to strengthen the cleaning and stain-removing power of the steam cleaner. Put the full water container back into its place.

2.Vacuum the carpet with a regular vacuum cleaner to remove loose dirt.

3.Pre-treat any stains with a color-safe carpet stain remover. If you are unsure that the stain remover spray is safe to use on your carpet, test it on a small, hidden spot. Leave the spray on and check the spot after 30 minutes for any signs of discoloration. If the spray did not damage the carpet, spray any remaining carpet stains thoroughly. There is no need to rinse the spray from the carpet, since the steam cleaner will do the job.

4.Clean the carpet with the steam cleaner. Work on small sections of the carpet at a time. Go over each section of the carpet in two strokes: a stroke forward, slowly pushing the machine away from you, and a backward stroke, slowly pulling the machine toward you. On the forward stroke, hold down the lever on the handle of the machine to release water into the carpet. On the backward stroke, release the lever and allow the machine to scrub the carpet and remove the water. Move to the next section of carpet. Do not go over a section of carpet with more than one forward and one backward stroke unless there is a stubborn stain. For stubborn stains, go over the spot as many times as needed to remove it. The less you go over the carpet with the steam cleaner, the quicker the carpet will dry.

5.Allow the carpet to dry fully before allowing any foot traffic. Leave the windows in the room open if weather permits, to speed the drying process. Fans can also be placed in the doorways, pointed at the carpet, to speed drying.

6.Empty any remaining water out of the steam cleaner's water container. If water is left in the machine for a long length of time, it will become stagnant.

Tips & Warnings

For faster drying, choose a warm and dry day to steam clean your carpets.
Newer carpets contain chemicals. Steam cleaning can release chemical fumes into the air. People who have allergies or chemical sensitivities should not be present when newer carpets are steam cleaned.

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How to Use a Steam Cleaner on a Shower Door

Use a Steam Cleaner on a Shower Door
Home Steam cleaners use an internal heating element to bring water to a boil inside the reservoir. The resulting steam becomes a natural cleaner without the help of chemical additives. Using steam to clean the surfaces around your home can help kill bacteria, such as salmonella, E. coli and listeria. Using a steam cleaner on a shower door can loosen the natural adhesives that bind dirt and grime to the surface, allowing you to wipe away soap scum with a soft cloth.

Clean on a shower door or mirror or any glass
Things You'll Need:
--Tap, distilled or dematerialized water


1.Fill the Home steam cleaner reservoir with tap, distilled or dematerialized water. Your model may use a fill cup to measure the correct amount of water or could have a fill-level mark on the exterior of an opaque reservoir.

2.Plug the cleaner into a grounded electrical outlet to heat the water in the reservoir. Depending on your model, you may need to turn on the steam cleaner to heat the water.

3.Observe the indicator light. The light turns off once the water in the reservoir has reached the steamer’s preset temperature to create steam.

4.Hold the tip of the cleaner about 4 to 6 inches away from the shower door to warm the glass. Cold glass could shatter from the heat of the steam if introduced too quickly. Move the steamer back-and-forth across the shower door to warm the entire surface.

5.Move the tip of the cleaner to within 1/2 inch of the shower door. Move the steamer slowly across the surface. Concentrate the steam against the glass for at least five seconds to loosen dirt and kill any bacteria. Follow each pass of the cleaner with a clean cloth to remove the grime from the glass.

6.Continue to move the steamer slowly over the shower door to clean and disinfect the surface thoroughly. Unplug the steam cleaner before refilling the reservoir if applicable.

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How to Clean the Floor With a Morck Steam Mop?

The Morck Steam Mop uses heat to lift away stubborn stains on your hard floors.

The Morck Steam Mop is a cleaning tool for hardwood and laminate floors that cleans and disinfects through the use of steam. Water from the reservoir tank is heated and steam is pumped through a microfiber cleaning cloth that lifts away dirt and stubborn messes.

Things You'll Need:

--Distilled water

--Morck Steam Mop


1.Sweep your floors to remove any loose dirt.

2.Remove the water reservoir from the Morck Steam Mop and fill it with distilled water.

3.Unwrap the power chord from the back of the machine and plug into a standard electrical outlet. The green power "On" light will light up.

4.Allow your Morck Steam Mop to set for at least 30 seconds to heat up and prepare the steam.

5.Pump the handle of the steam mop a couple of times to release steam and dampen the bottom of the microfiber cleaning cloth.

6.Mop in a forward and backward motion to pump the handle as you mop and release more steam.

7.Stop mopping when the job is finished or the steamer runs out of water. You will notice the Morck Steam Mop is out of water when it no longer emits steam. Refill the tank if necessary.

8.Unplug the Morck Steam Mop. Remove the water tank if there is any leftover liquid and dispose of it in the sink.

9.Remove the microfiber cleaning pad from the bottom of the steamer and wash in the washing machine. Allow to air dry.

Tips & Warnings

Using plain tap water instead of distilled water can cause hard water buildup in your machine and will require more frequent cleaning.

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Best choice for Tile Floor Steam Cleaning

A steam cleaning machine cleans tile without cracking it.
In spite of its name, most steam cleaning machines do not use steam. The majority use water pressure to blast away stubborn stains and debris on floors. Although you may think that using water pressure can damage the tile and grout work, Repair Home, a home improvement website, contends that these machines are designed to clean, not crack tile. Certain steam cleaning machines work better on tile floors than others. Repair Home states that steam cleaning is an ideal way to clean tile floors.

Steam Cleaners
Steam cleaners use high pressure water to clean tile floors and other surfaces, such as patio furniture, sinks, showers and even golf clubs. Steam cleaners usually come with a variety of attachments to handle large jobs, like tile floors, as well as to get into tight spaces between the refrigerator and kitchen cabinet and behind the toilet. The benefit of these cleaners is that they sanitize and disinfect the tile floor without the need for harmful cleaning solutions. No pretreating is required. Steam cleaners also eliminate allergens like pet hair and dust.

Steam Mops

A steam mop is another type of steam cleaning machine suitable for cleaning most hard flooring surfaces, including tile. The benefit to a steam mop compared to a conventional mop is that the mop is completely clean and bacteria free for each use. A conventional mop reuses the same cloth that, when stored damp, can harbor germs and bacteria. A steam mop uses a brand new cloth every time. You simply unhook the cloth from the handle after the tile floor is cleaned, and toss it into the laundry. The steam mop relies on water pressure, not cleaning solutions, to disinfect and remove dirt from tile floors.

Vapor Steam Cleaners

Vapor steam cleaners use water vapor to clean and remove stains on tile floors. These machines require a bit more prep work than other machines. You must first spray the tile with a cleaning solution. Use a brush attachment on the vapor steam cleaner to go over each tile and scrub way grime. The vapor works to enhance the scrubbing process and lift dirt from the tile. Once the floor is clean, wipe it down with a clean towel to remove any excess water that remains on the tile floor.

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How to Fix a Steam Mop?

Steam mops provide a chemical-free way of cleaning hard flooring
Steam mops provide a chemical-free way of cleaning hard flooring. The mops come with a variety of cleaning head shapes: square, rectangular and triangular. Large microfiber pads are attached to these cleaning heads, which are used to mop floors while being heated and moistened by steam. The heat of the steam breaks down grease and dirt, and are absorbed by the microfiber pad. The hot steam also sanitizes the surface. If you experience problems with your steam mop, a few simple measures may be all that's necessary to restore it to working order.


Steam Mop Will Not Switch On
1.Check that the plug has been inserted fully into the socket.

2.Check the fuse governing the socket to which the steam mop is attached to ensure it has not blown. If your home is equipped with a breaker box, check the trip switch governing the socket.

3.Ensure your neighbourhood is not suffering a power failure by testing other appliances and lights.

Steam Mop Fails to Produce Steam

1.Switch the steam mop off and take the plug out of the socket before examining it.

2.Ensure there is water in the tank. If it is empty, fill it with the recommended amount.

3.Check that the steam pump has been primed. If this is not the case, carry out the procedure according to the recommendations for your model of steam mop.

The Steam Mop Leaves Water on the Floor Being Cleaned

1.Switch the steam mop off and remove the plug from the socket.

2.Check the Microfiber pad. If it is wet, remove it and replace it with a fresh dry pad.

3.Ensure the microfiber pad is correctly attached to the mop's cleaning head.

Streaky or Spotted Floors After Steam Mopping

1.Switch off the steam mop and remove the plug.

2.Check how much dirt has been asbsorbed by the microfiber pad. If it appears to be dirty, replace it with a fresh pad.

3.Ensure you do not let your mop stand in one position for too long, as this can eventually cause marking on the floor.

4.Check the hardness of your water. If it is very hard, use distilled water in your steam mop.

Tips & Warnings

If you are cleaning an excessively greasy kitchen floor, clean with a degreasing agent before steam mopping. This will preserve your microfiber pads and guard against streaking.
Clean your microfiber pads by machine washing them with liquid detergent. Don't use power detergent or fabric softener, as these will affect the pad's performance.
Remember the cleaning pads get very hot. Remove them with care.
Always switch the steam mop off and disconnect it from the electricity supply before carrying out any maintenance.

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Does Air Purifiers Work?

Does Air Purifiers Work?The answer will be definitely...Yes or no?

Thinking about buying an air purifier? You are not alone. It really is estimated that millions of Americans each year look at purchasing an air purifier for either their organization or house use. A big amount of people who think about purchasing an air purifier do not truly stick to through using the acquire. The main reason for this is mainly because these folks are not certain if they really need to have an air purifier you aren't. If you're even now undecided about whether or otherwise an air purifier is for you, this write-up can assist.

An air purifier can be a device that anybody can personal. Quite simply, you don't will need a special purpose to get 1. Any one who owns an air purifier benefits from having it. An air purifier will assist you to breathe fresher, cleaner, air inside of your house or company. Needless to say, some folks have specific health care conditions exactly where an air purifier is useful as well as necessary.
Some persons do not acquire air purifiers simply because they believe they're strictly for men and women with breathing difficulties. This really is a misconception. You don't have to have a medical condition or breathing difficulty to buy an air purifier. You just have to have a wish to breathe clean air.

An air purifier functions by trapping impurities within the oxygen. Air purifiers have what are called selection grids and others use filters. Airborne debris particles, pollen, bacteria, and dander are some examples of what air purifiers get rid of in the air. In case you occur to have allergic reactions, specifically associated to dirt, you may perhaps uncover an air purifier will substantially enhance or entirely alleviate your allergy signs and symptoms. Needless to say, this will make your own home very much more secure for being in.
As pointed out above, air purifiers trap puppy hair. So, in case you love animals but have allergic reactions connected to them, an air purifier might be in a position to guide. For puppy owners, not just do air purifiers trap doggy hair, they trap the dangerous by goods connected to doggy waste. Pet waste particles are not just hazardous to individuals who have allergies, but are harmful to everyone in the home. In the event you occur to operate a canine similar enterprise, you definitely need to consider buying an air purifier. For instance, if you are a vet, possess a doggy grooming company, or an animal breeder.
filtering system
Air purifiers are in particular useful if you've younger kids inside your house. Simply because their immune models aren't fully produced, they usually tend to get ill more generally. By applying an air purifier, it is possible to cut down on the volume of germs and bacteria within the oxygen. Actually, should you possess a enterprise linked to young people, it is really a great thought to purchase an air purifier. As an example, if you're a pediatrician, a daycare seller, train music lessons, and so ought to seriously take into account obtaining an air purifier. You can not just keep yourself more healthy and happier, you may assist to keep all the children in your home or company more healthy and happier.

If you're a smoker, or reside with one, an air purifier might be valuable. Air purifiers specifically created to get a smoking environment are in a position to aid cut down the quantity of second hand smoke inside oxygen. Secondhand smoke cigarettes is not healthful for anyone. Secondhand smoke is particularly bad for young children. You shouldn't smoke around young children. In case you do, then you actually need to have an air purifier; if not for your self, for your sake of one's kids.
4-step filtering
As pointed out over, you'll find selected types of businesses talked about exclusively that may advantage from acquiring an air purifier. Nevertheless, any sort of organization can reap the positive aspects of an air purifier. If you happen to be a enterprise operator, regardless of whether it's a tiny retail store, or even a little workplace you need to look at buying an air purifier for your company. By getting an air purifier at your small business, you'll be in a position to have cleaner air to breathe for you personally and your workers. By acquiring cleaner ticket, you'll have much healthier workers. You will come across that by acquiring an air purifier you will be in a position to cut down on sickness spreading. If you could have employees that are not using ill time, you are going to have a very additional productive function force.

There are far more causes to purchase an air purifier than not to. Cleaner oxygen signifies getting healthier. Whether you wish to acquire an air purifier for your own home, company, or both, you can uncover you will find several advantages to owning a person. You are going to wonder why you did not get a person faster.

How to Clean Windows with a High Pressure Washer?

Pressure washing, also referred to as power washing, can make your home's exterior look brand new. Use a High pressure washer once a year to clean your house or use it to prepare your house for new paint. When pressure washing around your windows, there are a few things you need to know before you clean your windows with a pressure washer. Have a question? Get an answer from Morck now!

Things You'll Need:
--Safety glasses
--High Pressure washer


Check the manufacturer's warranty on your windows before cleaning them with a pressure washer. Pressure washing voids some warranties.

Place a rolled up towel on the inside of the window you are cleaning to absorb any water that seeps in.

Inspect each window before cleaning. Check for dents, gaps or holes that may allow water to enter. Don't use a pressure washer on a damaged window.

Set the pressure washer at the lowest power when cleaning windows.

Stand at least 5 or 6 feet away from your home and test the spray of your pressure washer by aiming it towards an area without windows first, to make sure it is not too powerful.

Hold the nozzle at a 45-degree angle, spraying down towards the window. Starting at the top of the window, move the nozzle across the width of the window back and forth until you have sprayed the entire surface. Again, make sure the pressure is not too high to avoid damaging your windows.

Spray the window ledge and area underneath your window to remove the dirty water runoff.

Tips & Warnings

Always wear safety glasses when operating a pressure washer.
Never aim your pressure washer directly at your windows. They can shatter causing glass to fly in to your home.
Never aim a pressure washer at another person.

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Benefits of Purchasing a Morck Air Purifier

Benefits of Purchasing a Morck Air Purifier
To improve the indoor air quality and to make sure your family is breathing safe and clean air there are numerous options to choose from. There are a wide range of air purifiers available in the market but fail to provide the appropriate results. Many homeowners prefer investing in Morck air purifiers, as they are one of the best Morck air products. If you want to buy air purifier having HEPA filters, then what could be better than purchasing a Morck air purifier? Now, you can make your house a healthy place to stay by purchasing a Morck air purifier.

Why Invest in Morck Air Purifier?
Individuals who have not purchased a Morck air purifier earlier may find it confusing with the numerous types of Morck air purifiers and cleaners available at various online stores. The important factors to consider when looking for an air purifier or cleaner are to consider the features and the design of the air purifier you want to purchase. You should purchase a Morck air purifier because it removes the harmful contaminants present indoors using HEPA filters, as Morck air purifier have been tried, tested, and provide appropriate results. The major reasons for purchasing a Morck air purifier have been discussed below:

•    Consumers should invest in Morck air purifiers because they use genuine and medical grade HEPA filtration systems. HEPA technology is used by the Atomic Energy Commission to help researchers stay safe from harmful radiation particles. HEPA filters are medically proven and used in hospitals for the health and well-being of both the doctors and the patients. You should buy a Morck air purifier to get all the benefits the HEPA technology can offer.

•    Another important reason for purchasing a Morck air purifier is the activated carbon filters that remove the impurities present indoors. According to many researchers, activated carbon filters help in removing the volatile organic compounds or the VOCs. Morck air purifiers are effective and improve the quality of air that you and your family breathe.

Health Benefits of Purchasing a Morck Air Purifier:

Consumers should be aware of the various health benefits of purchasing a Morck air purifier. Morck air products whether a filter, purifier, or a cleaner can be a worthy investment especially if you have kids at home, as they are more vulnerable to diseases. The pointers mentioned below will help you know the benefits of buying a Morck air purifier:

•    The Morck air purifier is a 360-degree intake system that contributes to the overall efficiency of the machine. A Morck air purifier removes the harmful contaminants present in the air to help you and your family breathes germ-free air. The 360-degree intake helps a Morck air purifier work efficiently and delivers clean and pure air for breathing.

•    The presence of HEPA technology helps Morck air purifier last longer compared to other air filters and purifiers.

•    Most Morck air purifiers have four filters thus keeping your house pure and clean from harmful air borne contaminants.

There are several online stores selling Morck air purifiers but you should buy a Morck air purifier from an online store that is reputed, reliable, and sells genuine Morck air products.