Carpet Cleaning - D I Y Steam Cleaning Vs. Professional Steam Cleaning

When it's time to Steam Cleaning the carpet in the house, we all labor over the do it yourself steam cleaning that you can rent at the store, or hiring a professional. We believe that we can get better results from hiring a professional steam cleaner but that is not always true.

Some carpet cleaning companies have a high turnover of staff. Some carpet cleaning technicians do not have the proper training in using the equipment. They also do not have the proper training in spot removal techniques.

Whether you hire a professional or whether you do it yourself the most important thing to remember is to go slow enough that you remove as much water as you can. If there is too much water left in the carpet, there is a risk that you damage the carpet but the risk to your health is much greater.

If too much water is put into the carpet it goes straight to the under pad. When this happens there is a danger that mould and mildew will form. Due to the sponge like texture of the under pad the the only way it can be properly dried is if it is lifted from the floor and air is able to circulate under the carpet. When mold and mildew start to form that is where the health risks begin.

The EPA recommends that people avoid mold and mildew in their homes, especially if any member of the family has a respiratory illness such as asthma. Mold and mildew can stress the lungs and in people with asthma, it can trigger an asthma attack. In children who don't have asthma it is possible to distress the lungs and cause illnesses like bronchitis and asthma.

When you are steam cleaning the carpets it is difficult to tell if you are adding too much water. Going over one area of the carpet too many times will put too much moisture into the carpet. Stains can be stubborn to remove and it is the first instinct to add more water and keep trying, but that is not the answer. Professionals do use the steam more on those areas but their success lies in the knowledge of how to use the equipment as well as the selection of professional chemicals they use for stain removal.
Many people when they rent the do it yourself steam cleaners, if also buy the bottle of shampoo to clean the carpets as well. One of the major problems with that is the concentration and strength of that product is not very powerful. The reason it is made weaker is that the manufacturer assumes that consumers will not use it properly, and they do not want to be responsible for you damaging your carpet with their product, so it is diluted. There is not one cleaner that can remove all stains. When you hire a professional carpet cleaner they often show up with an assortment of different bottles and each one has a solution for a different stain one cleaner does not clean all carpets.

It is tempting to save a couple dollars and steam clean the carpets yourself, but the damage that you can cause your carpets could cost you thousands of dollars. Rippling carpets, faded color patches, damaged carpet fibers and worst of all mold, are all common problems people experience when they attempt to steam clean their own carpet. Just remember when you are deciding whether or not to hire professional carpet cleaner, the least expensive way is Steam Cleaning not always the cheapest


Benefits And Disadvantages Of A Steam Cleaner Vs A Normal Vacuum Cleaner

If you have a dirty floor or carpet then odds are you are in the habit of taking out a vacuum cleaner to get the job done? But maybe you are not getting the kind of shining floors or dirt free carpet you truly desire... That's where the benefit of a hot water carpet steam cleaner or hardwood floor steam mop can come in handy.

With a carpet steam cleaner for example you will be able to remove additional dirt, germs and spots with the high pressure steam. This is not something that you would see in a regular vacuum cleaner, making the steam cleaner a bit superior if you compare them side, by side.

Some of the steam cleaners will also work with a water filter as opposed to a normal filter where everything gets sucked up into a bag, making it easier and faster to clean. If you have seen the infomercials you know what I'm talking about here. And yes, that is quite the time saver when it comes to taking care of the machine.
Many of the popular brands of steam cleaners will also have a hardwood floor cleaner that is great for removing additional "hard to get" spots that might be sunk into the flooring as the water is able to penetrate and loosen up the dirt. You will want to use a "mop" version of a steam cleaner as it is possible that the water might hurt the material.
I have seen several people use a pocket steam mop as an alternative and had no damage done to their floor. Like I said, if you are uncertain simply refrain from using a steam cleaner on materials that might get damaged from water or heat!

Another thing about a steam cleaner versus the regular vacuum is that you probably want to vaccuum regularly more often than steam clean as steaming your carpet might leave the carpet damp, and will not always get all the little things that might get stuck. This isn't ideal for your carpet in general.

The biggest and best benefit of using a steam cleaner is the lack of chemicals that your home is exposed to, so if you are thinking about getting one of these mops, steam cleaner or steam vacuums I highly recommend them
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High Pressure Washer

Many projects need an extra boost of power to keep things neat and clean. Increase your cleaning power with pressure washers from Lowe's. No matter the cleaning task — big or small — tackle it with our wide selection of electric pressure washers and gas pressure washers from brands like Briggs & Stratton, Troy-Bilt,  and more. Save time and handle unique cleaning jobs with specialized pressure washer accessories, and don't forget to include pressure washer chemicals to get the most out of your equipment. Not sure which pressure washer is right for you? Explore the variety of options available using our pressure washer buying guide to help your search.
 been refining the principle of high pressure cleaning ever since. More performance with less consumption. Longer service life with shorter cleaning times. As a world market leader, Kärcher offers a range of products that leaves nothing to be desired in terms of technical refinement and versatility – operating with heated or unheated water, powered by electric motors or internal combustion engines, mobile or stationary.
Washers are dangerous tools and should be operated with due regard to safety instructions. The water pressure near the nozzle is powerful enough to strip flesh from bone. Particles in the water supply are ejected from the nozzle at great velocities. The cleaning process can propel objects dislodged from the surface being cleaned, also at great velocities. Pressure washers have a tendency to break up tarmac if aimed directly at it, due to high-pressure water entering cracks and voids in the surface.

Most consumer washers are electric- or petrol-powered. Electric washers plug into a normal outlet, are supplied with tap water, and typically deliver pressure up to about 2,000 psi (140 bar). Petrol washers can deliver twice that pressure, but due to the hazardous nature of the engine exhaust they are unsuitable for enclosed or indoor areas. Some models can generate hot water, which can be ideal for loosening and removing oil and grease.
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High Pressure Washer Car Washer

Rinse off the pressure washer top layer or grit and grime. If you're using a machine with a variable jet spray, adjust it to a spray of approximately two or three inches wide, so it's strong enough to clean the car but won't damage the paintwork. You will need to use a slightly wider and less powerful setting for the windows, lights and other fragile areas.
Apply the foam cleaner. Set the pressure washer nozzle to the widest and least powerful setting - or remove it altogether - to coat the entire car in a layer of cleaner. Let the cleaner work its magic for a few moments, but don't let it dry or you'll be left with blemishes that will have to be buffed out later
Loosen the most stubborn dirt and grease with an attachable car brush. If you are using the same one to clean the wheels and wheelarches, as well as the paint work, do the wheel areas last; there's more chance of the brush picking up small stones and grit from around the wheels, and you don't want to be rubbing these against the paint. Rinse the brush thoroughly once you've finished using it to make sure all grit is removed.
Rinse the car off with a high-pressure jet setting, again using a slightly stronger setting for the paint than the glass areas. If you don't have a variable nozzle to adjust the power and width of the spray, just stand further away from the car - three feet should be a safe distance to prevent any damage.
Don't ever use the most pointed of the nozzle attachments that comes with your pressure washer when cleaning your car - it will be too strong and could damage paintwork,
Watch out for the initial boost of water that comes out of the pressure washer when you first turn it on. There can be a strong initial spray, so point the nozzle at the ground first
Try to pressure wash the car on concrete rather than on a gravel driveway to avoid the possibility of stones flying up and hitting the paintwork.
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High Pressure Washer

high pressure cleaning ever since. More performance with less consumption. Longer service life with shorter cleaning times. As a world market leader, Kärcher offers a range of products that leaves nothing to be desired in terms of technical refinement and versatility – operating with heated or unheated water, powered by electric motors or internal combustion engines, mobile or stationary.
High water temperatures produced by hot water high-pressure cleaners allow a reduction in working pressure, cleaning time and the amount of cleaning agent required. Benefits of hot water high-pressure cleaners compared to cold water high-pressure cleaners
high pressure washers , your home cleaning tasks are completed effortlessly, indoors and outdoors. Spray attachments with quick-connect fitting to a mobile, compact device – high-pressure washing has never been easier.
Masters offers a diversity of water pressure washers with varying flow rates and psi rated pressures to get the job done. With a high pressure cleaner, there is no need to add any chemicals, you simply let the high power water pressure do the cleaning. Get those annoying tar specks off your vehicle or make your driveway, deck, or patio look like new again. Our cleaners are great for paint preparation too as they will leave your surfaces completely debris free! Remove mould and scum from almost any surface, you can get brickwork so clean, it will look like new construction.
Some units come with accessories such as a patio head cleaner, rotary brushes, and wall brackets. You can also look for removable handles to make storage easier or extension hoses so you can more easily get to hard to reach areas. Once you have found the pressure washer of your choice, you can purchase online for delivery or you can click and collect in store at your local Masters.
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Steam cleaners are fantastic products because they are so versatile. The power of steam comes in very handy around the home, and can be used for many different cleaning applications. Godfreys have a range of hand steamers, which are lightweight and portable for a quick steam clean anywhere in your home. They can be used to steam clean children’s toys, remove wallpaper, and also clean mirrors and windows. For the larger cleaning jobs, Godfreys also have multi-purpose steam cleaners which are even more versatile. These large steam cleaners have a bigger steam capacity so that they can clean for longer periods of time, and they are great for steam cleaning grime off floors. You may also like to read our blog article A Guide To Steam Cleaners.

These units often come with many attachments, so you can steam clean every corner of your kitchen and bathroom for a spotless finish. They are great for getting into hard-to-reach spaces, and are powerful enough to remove the toughest dirt and grime. Godfreys also have garment steamers to quickly remove wrinkles from shirts and other clothing, so there really is a steam cleaner for every room in your household. If you would like to see any of our steam cleaners in action, then take a look at our product videos or find your nearest Godfreys store using our store locator. We also have a great range of steam mops if you would like to view these too. For those customers who wish to purchase online, Godfreys offer free delivery on all steam cleaners
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Best steam cleaner,Steam for deep cleaning We stock a wide range of steam cleaners, perfect for any job around the house. Here you can find cleaners ideal for hard floors, tiles, bathrooms, carpets and fabrics. Plus you can find handheld steam cleaners and mops. Whatever steam cleaner you need for your home, you can be sure to find it here.


Vacuum Cleaner

There are about as many types of vacuums as there are floors. The classic upright vacuum is a great balance of power and portability with lots of helpful accessories always at your fingertips. And new technological innovations from brands like Dyson, Hoover, Bissell, Shark and Eureka mean floors get cleaner, faster, and with less effort.

The vacuum cleaner that takes the least effort, of course, is the much celebrated robot vacuum. These little wonders do all the dirty work while you do literally anything else you want -- just set it, forget it, and come back later to a home full of spotless floors.

Not quite as easy to use, but certainly a relief for the tired homemaker, are handheld and stick vacuums, whose light weight and maneuverability make it a snap to move from room to room and surface to surface. Canister vacuum cleaners, on the other hand, take the weight out of your hands and put their powerful motors on the floor so each sweep of their many interchangeable heads is as easy as can be.
Most people don't think of fun when they think of vacuums, but the range of high-tech, unbelievably easy-to-use vacuum cleaners at Best Buy just might make you look forward to vacuuming. Besides, who doesn't love the look and feel of freshly vacuumed floors? And with sizes, styles and amazing features to fit any home or budget, it's easy to find the best vacuum cleaner for you.
Carpet cleaners, steam mops, and commercial and garage vacuums round out our assortment of vacuum cleaners with serious cleaning power to deal with even the most obstinate of messes. From thick, neglected carpets and high-traffic wood floors to greasy shops or flooded basements, tough jobs are made easy with the right tool from brands like Dirt Devil, HAAN, Rug Doctor, Sienna, Shop-Vac and Stanley.
A vacuum cleaner is a device that uses an air pump (a centrifugal fan in all but some of the very oldest models), to create a partial vacuum to suck up dust and dirt, usually from floors, and from other surfaces such as upholstery and draperies. The dirt is collected by either a dustbag or a cyclone for later disposal. Vacuum cleaners, which are used in homes as well as in industry, exist in a variety of sizes and models—small battery-powered hand-held devices, wheeled canister models for home use, domestic central vacuum cleaners, huge stationary industrial appliances that can handle several hundred litres of dust before being emptied, and self-propelled vacuum trucks for recovery of large spills or removal of contaminated soil. Specialized shop vacuums Cleaner can be used to suck up both dust and liquids.


Steam Floor Cleaners: Pros and Cons

For cleaning your home with an ease and in affordable way, it is advisable to purchase a Steam Floor Cleaner. The steam cleaner not only saves your time but also gives you better cleaning solution. With the help of Steam Floor Cleaner, you can make your home germfree and clean in real sense.

But everything is not positive about the Steam Floor Cleaners. Every coin has two faces, so as all the other entity; living or machine in this world. The same point is also very true in the case of steam floor cleaners. It has a lot of positive qualities in itself but at the same time, it also includes some negative points as well.

Where, steam floor cleaners are getting more and more popularity among the general consumers, hence its demand is also increasing in the market day by day. This is also true that some negative points make this product to use with utmost care.
Steam Floor Cleaners are the best products for home cleaning as they clean the entire home with an ease. What you need to do is follow the simple steps to get the cleaner prepare for cleaning.
The product is totally chemical free so, it is not only healthy for the entire family but also it is eco-friendly. It saves the environment by preventing excess use of chemicals.
The product is easy to handle and carry. You can carry it anywhere, if you are going on a trip.
A wide range of this product is available in the market, which gives you a number of options to choose from.
It is easy to clean after the use.
Steam, produced by the machine is capable to clean the surface of the floor, which is not possible through traditional form of cleaning.
This is best for tough stains like oil, carbon etc, which can not be removed by a general mop.
As this is equipment that functions on electric power, hence it is advisable to keep away from the old persons and little kids.
When the product starts producing steam, it throws the steam with great force, it can be harmful for the people sitting near to the machine; so, it is advisable to take care of not only the body parts but also some other stuffs (that may be damaged after coming in contact with steam). So, before start cleaning, first empty the floor.
Instruct your kids not to play with the cleaners especially when you are cleaning the floor. This may cause electric shock or the boiled water can injure their skin.
A small precaution can help you to prevent an accident and hence, you would be able to utilize the product in best way.


Pressure washers

Pressure washers are the most effective way to clean outdoors and are extremely easy to use: connect the device to the water supply and power outlet, turn on the tap, switch on the pressure washer and let the cleaning fun begin! With matching special accessories, the devices are transformed into real all-rounders: whether for wet blasting, pipe cleaning, terrace cleaning or gutter cleaning, the application possibilities are virtually unlimited. On top of that, the water pressure is always greatest in the immediate vicinity of the nozzle. This means that stubborn dirt is cleaned away more easily with lower nozzle clearance. The clearance is increased accordingly for light dirt and sensitive surfaces. Our practical examples show how you can achieve the best results with your pressure washer.
The performance class is the key differentiator for pressure washers and the main parameter in terms of the cleaning time required. The right device makes cleaning considerably easier. Different technical features, which are fine-tuned in line with the cleaning requirements, are linked to the different performance classes to make work even easier and more efficient.
The cleaning performance of a pressure washer is determined by how the water pressure and water volume are used in combination. The better these two factors are aligned, the easier it is to remove stubborn dirt and the quicker large surface areas can be cleaned. Kärcher puts its devices into specific performance classes based on different cleaning requirements. The larger the surface area to be cleaned and/or the more stubborn the dirt, the higher the performance class recommended. To clean large surface areas such as façades, a K7 device with matching accessories is recommended. As well as offering better performance, higher unit classes also offer other practical functions. These include longer hose lengths for a considerably extended working radius and better hose quality to improve twist resistance and flexibility. This ensures short set-up times and considerably more comfort, especially in the case of frequent use.
For over 60 years, Kärcher has been perfecting the art of high-pressure cleaning and is constantly in the spotlight on account of its outstanding innovations. More than 1,300 patents and utility models are evidence of the company's inventive spirit and make Kärcher the world's leader. Our focus is always on the needs of our customers.
The rotating high-pressure jet combines the power of a narrow jet with the area performance of a flat stream. Thanks to their patented nozzle technology, Kärcher's dirt blasters outperform the competition and enable faster and more efficient cleaning thanks to maximum stripping performance.
As the global market leader we offer the most reliable pressure washers on the market. For over 75 years, Kärcher has stood for quality and innovation that is "Made in Germany". We manufacture all of our devices in our own factories to the highest production standards. Before the products leave the factory, they are fully tested for their functionality and performance. That is why we can always guarantee to our customers that they are purchasing perfect products, which speak for themselves in terms of their performance capabilities and long service life.
The new generation of Kärcher cleaning agents is creating quite a stir with their 3-in-1 active principle. As well as perfect cleaning effect, these new multi-talented products provide gentle care and reliable protection, saving the operator lots of time and effort. By using renewable and natural resources, Kärcher is also placing an even stronger emphasis on sustainability. What's more, the smart bottle design is a winner too. Whether it is for connection (Plug 'n' Clean), for filling the detergent tank or as a container for suction via the detergent suction hose, the new detergents are universally suitable for all Kärcher pressure washers.


Euroclean vacuum cleaner and 90 percent market share

When creating a vacuum cleaners healthier world forms part of the objective for a company, enough support gets robotically garnered. Here is one company that exists with a progressive technology vision. It is innovation that underlies all of its products. Yes, we are delving on Eureka Forbes. This company's product development activities are directed towards creating a healthier world, introducing groundbreaking healthcare appliances to the consumers' advantage. Vacuum cleaners form on segment of its product portfolio.
Think of automatic vacuum cleaning without your involvement and the image of Euroclean Robocleanz will flash in your mind. It happens to be India's first automatic vacuum cleaner. Eureka Forbes vacuum cleaner price of this model is blueprinted at only Rs. 6,990. Then, think of power washing your car, especially the wheels and the concealed inner body where your hand hardly reaches for cleaning. The water pressure shooting 50 times more of a conventional hosepipe in the Euroclean Storm helps you in easy cleaning. This is facilitated by the 1700 watts high pressure cleaning technology removing the toughest dirt in seconds. Walls, gardens – they all shine like new. Eureka Forbes vacuum cleaner price of this model is fixed at Rs. 10,490. As aforesaid, you can view in detail the features and specification of the appliance at Then there is the wet and dry cleaning technology incorporated in the
Eureka Forbes has been introducing safer, better and increasingly valuable technologies since the year 1982.  Consumer behavior study reveals that consumers do not essentially go out to buy vacuum cleaners. These appliances are not in their priority list. In such a case, it is specialised products that catch their attention. Eureka Forbes has introduced the Euroclean range keeping in mind the Indian environment and the behavior of consumers. No wonder Eureka Forbes holds 90 percent market share in this segment! Moreover, Eureka Forbes vacuum cleaner price is blueprinted to suit everyone's pockets! Visit to order your Euroclean.


Pressure Washer

Unlike standard garden hoses and sprayers, pressure washers provide PSI to whisk away dirt and grime at greater velocities. Sears has an entire inventory of pressure washers from Craftsman and other popular brand names for use with commercial and residential cleanup projects. BE industrial pressure washers offer more than 4,000 PSI for removing chipped paint or dirt from the home's exterior walls. You also have the choice between wall-mount and portable gas-powered and electric pressure washers that include steam cleaning. We also have pressure washer accessories to complement your Craftsman or Stanley units.
Along with pressure washers, sand blasters work well for cleaning and sanding walls and car bodies at high velocities. Unlike the pressure washer, which uses water for cleaning surfaces, a sand blaster uses fine bits of material to smooth uneven surfaces or to remove paint or grime from walls. You can even use the sand blaster to remove stuck-on grime from metal parts like tools and drill bits. We also carry Craftsman and Campbell Hausfield sand blasters that use siphon-feed or compressed air to shoot the material at high speeds.
Complement your pressure washers and sand blasters with additional air tools from Craftsman and Chicago Pneumatic. Using an air tool provides more power for tightening bolts or for grinding metal when compared to a manual hand tool. As an example, Craftsman air impact wrenches offer more than 580 foot-pounds of torque while still weighing less than five pounds. We carry air compressors and hoses that work with most Craftsman and other name-brand air tools such as Campbell Hausfield air grinders and 3M air sanders. You can also find impact sockets that withstand the force of your air impact wrenches and ratchets.
Despite the benefit of air tools, you need an external electrical source in order to power the units. If you work on a job site that lacks electricity, then power your pressure washers and air tools with a Craftsman generator. We have DuroStar portable generators with heavy-duty wheels and six outlets that offer up to 10,000 watts of power. Choose between commercial and standby generators for use on the job site or at your home in case of blackouts. You even have access to Go Power! solar generators that provide up to 100 watts of power each, saving you money on your monthly power bill and reducing your carbon footprint.
Clean dirt and grime from your walls and driveways with industrial-strength pressure washers and sand blasters. Invest in air tools like impact wrenches and ratchets for increased torque over your mechanical projects, and power your tools with a Craftsman portable generator. Browse the  inventory for more affordable tools and accessories for your professional workshop or at-home garage.


Dry Cleaning's Detrimental Effects On The Environment

The first thing you notice when you walk into the dry cleaners is the smell of toxic chemicals.  Why is it that so few people even question what it is they are spending their money to have their clothes saturated with.  Why is it that so few of those who use reusable shopping bags bother to question the effects these chemicals have on the environment?

The Environmental Protection Agency has shown that the chemical used by most dry cleaners (perchlorethylene) has negative effects on people employed by dry cleaners and people who live near them, ranging from chronic headaches to kidney damage.  It is time to start doing something about the careless use of this toxic chemical.

Dry cleaners' facilities are traditionally set up in such a way that the exhaust coming from the drier pollutes the air, water, and soil with toxic vapors.  Considering the chemicals they use, there is no way to avoid this pollution.

Ultimately your best option is to seek out dry cleaners that use the new, ironic-sounding wet-cleaning system, which is much better for the environment.  If there are no dry cleaners in your area that use this system, it is best to ask dry cleaners about their cleaning techniques and what chemicals they use.  Environmentally conscious cleaners should catch on to what you are asking and explain what they are doing to protect the environment.

Another trademark of environmentally conscious dry cleaners is the use of reusable bags.  Generally speaking though, if you smell anything unnatural when you enter the facility, you can almost always be sure that the chemical you are smelling is polluting the environment.
There are many dry cleaners in the United States that are concerned by the environmental hazards presented by traditional dry cleaning solvents and methods.  The most common action being taken is the replacement of old equipment with newer, more efficient equipment that requires less solvent to do the same job.  It is a good idea to ask how old your cleaner's equipment is.

Also, you might want to ask how often your dry cleaners clean and maintain their equipment, as this can greatly affect its effectiveness and the toxicity of the vapors being released into the air, soil, and water.  Inquiring about whether they have a vapor barrier is also a good idea, as these can prevent vapors from escaping.
If an environmentally safe dry cleaning facility is not available in your area it is best to avoid using one.  Many articles of clothing are marked for dry cleaning only, but hand-washing them will not hurt them and will reduce the pollution in your area.

Another way of getting around using the dry cleaners if you have to is to avoid buying clothing that requires dry cleaning.  If this is absolutely impossible for you, then remember that many fabrics do not need to be cleaned every time they are used; a simple airing out will do.  This is especially true for non-synthetic fabrics like wool.  And always remember, unless you are using reusable dry cleaning bags, you are not doing your part, no matter how eco-friendly your dry cleaners are.


The Top Five List; The Best Air Purifiers Available

There are many high quality air purifiers available today and you can easily find one to fit your style and budget. Some of the most popular models are made by Honeywell, Holmes, Whirlpool and Kenmoor, among many other well-known names as well. The price tags on these guys range from a few dollars on up to a few hundred bucks. One of the best places you can find prices as well as a various number of air purifiers is on eBay (only the best auction site ever). Listed here, I will tell you the top ten best air purifiers on the shelves today available to consumers as well as businesses. These air purifiers will include, home use, office use and car use as well as Ultra Violet, Ionic, Hepa, and much more. Pay attention, this is really valuable information
There are many high quality air purifiers available today and you can easily find one to fit your style and budget. Some of the most popular models are made by Honeywell, Holmes, Whirlpool and Kenmoor, among many other well-known names as well. The price tags on these guys range from a few dollars on up to a few hundred bucks. One of the best places you can find prices as well as a various number of air purifiers is on eBay (only the best auction site ever). Listed here, I will tell you the top ten best air purifiers on the shelves today available to consumers as well as businesses. These air purifiers will include, home use, office use and car use as well as Ultra Violet, Ionic, Hepa, and much more. Pay attention, this is really valuable information
This is a great system for anyone that is living with allergies, asthma or other respiratory conditions, or for anyone that just wants clean and breathable air! The smaller 501 was rated 6th by Consumer Reports and has been a long time contender in air purifiers. The value in this system also adds to its quiet operation, low energy use, and steel construction that is easy to maintain. The filter needs to be replaced every 6 months.
The Honeywell provides extremely superior cleaning performance with very little maintenance and no replacement filter costs. Compared to Ionic purifiers it captures 12x more pollutants, plus its tested in laboratories to reduce airborne bacteria, viruses and fungus with UV lights. This system removes particles such as dust, pollen, smoke and mold spored. The Honeywell circulates your room 5x in one quiet hour. The filters can be removed and cleaned with water easily and quickly! It also features 3 speeds, is energy efficient, has a built in ionizer and it retails for almost . Find this one on eBay for the price.
Mini ionizer is perfect for auto use, simply plug the ionizer into your cars 12v cigarette lighter socket! The high output 12 volt DC negative generator helps remove dust, pollen, smoke, dander, mold spores and other allergens in your vehicle. This mini system freshens and purifies the air within your automobile or truck and ionizes the air using tiny negative ions. This item also will not interfere with radio reception or interfere with car electronics like other car ionizers may.
The SB600-2 ultrasonic pest repeller and built in ionizer eliminates pests by emitting waved of ultrasonic signals that pests hate! This item is however, safe to use around birds, dogs, cats and reptiles. Warning do not use around domesticated pets such as rats, mice, hamsters, gerbils or other rodent type pets! The compact system is great for home or office use, simply plug the system into a standardized electrical outlet.

In order to find any and all of these systems simply search on places like Google, eBay or Amazon. Personally I love shopping on eBay more than anywhere else because you can almost always guarantee you will find a better price than you would in a regular brand name store. All of the products listed below are prices found on eBay rather than brand name stores, so I recommend on you doing the same! Notice just because an item is cheaper and available on eBay doesn't mean its worth less, or a air purifiers piece of junk. In most cases even if the item is "used" it's in really great shape!


Why Air Purification is a Must

Industrial growth, increasing use of vehicles that emit poisonous gases, cutting down trees and forests are some of the reasons that are polluting the Indian environment. This is resulting into various respiratory diseases. The need for air purifiers is being raised due to the same reasons. India is considered to be the third most polluted country in the world with Lucknow being the most polluted city globally, with pollution index of 111.49 as of 2013. It has been witnessed that people spend more than 90% of their time indoors and indoor air is considered to be more polluted than the outdoor air. Air in cities like Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, and Mumbai is polluted beyond permissible limits. India is a largely untapped market for air purifiers across commercial, residential and institutional sectors. Market experts are claiming that the demand for air purifiers in India over the next five years is expected to grow.
Emitted by many everyday household, VOCs or, Volatile organic compounds, are gases or vapors that can cause a number of illnesses or worsen your allergy. They may be coming from things like new carpeting, paints, adhesives, varnishes, glues, and disinfectants. Ingredients such as formaldehyde, toluene, chloride, ethylene, and benzene should be identified in products as they are the main cause of the pollution.
Airborne particles include things like dust mites, pet dander, pollen, mold, plant spores, and fungi. These types of particles exacerbate conditions like asthma and allergies, so it is smart to eliminate from the air inside a home.

Looking for the air purifier that suits can be hard task to perform. People are especially confused about their terminology. Many people for example, think that air purifiers are different than air cleaners. In reality, they are the same. The terms air purifier and air cleaner are synonyms.
The filter can consist of any material as long as it meets this standard -- penetration of less than 0.03% of particles 0.3 micrometres in size or larger. The filter must also allow a specific amount of air to flow through, which varies by the size of the filter. In addition to their familiar household uses cleaning air of allergens and dust particles, advanced HEPA filters are used by the nuclear power industry.
However the best air purifier uses the Ozone disinfection technology that effectively kills bacteria, viruses, fungus and other pathogens, which are present in the air. It also cleans air and inhibits bacterial growth. Ozone disinfection technology is also environmentally friendly. It produces Ozone gas, an environment friendly and highly reactive oxidant, which is sprayed quietly and effectively through a fan. Kent air purifier is one such company that uses this revolutionary method for the purification of air.


Everybody Should Own a Merlin 2 in 1 Mini Vacuum Cleaner

I am writing this article because I purchased one of these Vacuum Cleaners in the UK and took it home to Spain where my wife had gone through 5 in the space of 5 years due to the harsh tile environment.

I saw the Merlin 2 in 1 MIni Vacuum Cleaner live at Grand Designs Show in London earlier in the year and was amazed to see the demonstrator use it to pick up not one but two 15lb bowling balls and a small side table.

With power of 1000 watts, yet only 2kg in weight, and a two year guarantee it is probably one of the most powerful value for money mini vacuums on the market and I am sure will match the performance of many of the well-known names in this sector that seem to cost the earth.
The Merlin 2 in 1 Mini Vacuum Cleaner weighs just under 2 KG and has a removable handle that easily converts the vacuum cleaner to a smaller, hand-held cleaner, making it one of the most versatile and powerful vacuum cleaners available in the market today and a must-have for every home.
This handy and practical vacuum cleaner comes in four striking colours – light blue, deep purple, gold and lime green, with smart black trimmings and a unique holder for its 6 meters of cable.
With 1000 watts of power it is designed to tackle the hardest ground in dirt and has sufficient power to clean right down to the bottom of a carpets pile.
No struggling to vacuum stairs, remove the long handle and it becomes a hand held mini vacuum cleaner which is ideal for use on stairs and landings.
It cleans all flooring's including wood, tiles, patios and linoleum.
Cleaning your upholstery, curtains and cushions use the main brush, small brush or crevice nozzles which are provided free, it couldn't be easier.
The transparent and removable dust collector makes the disposal of dirt quick and easy and as the Merlin does not require a bag there are no on-going replacement costs.
The Merlin Vac also cleans those high and hard to get at corners and crevices.  With its long handle and very lightweight you can easily reach those cob webs without the need for dangerous steps or ladders.
Without a doubt it is a must have for caravans, boats and mobile homes as it is small yet very powerful and can be stored in cupboards, under seats or in small places quiet easily.
Cat and Dog hairs present no problem; with 1000 watts of power pet owners can easily
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Complete disinfection of MRSA, Cdiff organisms with steam cleaning

Cleanliness in steam cleaners the health care sector has never been more critical. Studies comparing cleaning methods within hospitals are ongoing however a recent Literature Review entitled ‘Control of the Environment' has concluded that steam cleaning is very effective, particularly for periodic deep cleaning of hospital environments. It also references advantages in that soft furnishings can be cleaned in situ using this method.

 Test results show complete disinfection of the surfaces assessed of the test organisms, these included MRSA, Acinetobacterand Clostridium difficilespores. An additional study was performed to assess the potential aerosolisation of microorganisms, however the result showed that there was no evidence of dispersion of viable organisms.

 Chemical free steam cleaning therefore offers many advantages over alternative methods. Soft materials such as bed curtains and blinds can be cleaned in situ. Materials and surfaces are left clean and odour free with minimal amounts of water residue. Mould, bacteria, mildew and any remaining chemical contaminants are easily removed.

Additionally glass and mirrors can be left with smears of chemical residue after normal cleaning; it is this residue that attracts dust and dirt thereafter. Dry steam cleaning leaves glass and mirrors streak free and clear of chemicals.

Clean Sweep has now added steamers to their hire fleet to complement the range of floor care machines available for hire anywhere in the UK.

Steamer models range from the SO4500 at 4.5 bar pressure to the MD8000 at 8 bar. Models are provided with hoses and extension tubes and are available with and without a vacuum function.
Non chemical sanitisation is undoubtedly improved by the use of a vacuum facility with the steam cleaner. Steam loosens the organisms which are then sucked into the recovery tank. Chlorine tablets placed in the recovery tank add to the anti-bacteria effect.

Food preparation facilities in hospitals can also utilise steam to clean and sanitise fridges and freezers in one easy step. Stainless steel worktops can also be left clean and polished without the use of chemical or excessive man hours.

The recent review however does site some constraints, namely health and safety issues associated with steam hoses, electric cables and activation of fire alarms. It is important that intensive and ongoing training sessions are put in place and adhered to.

The Scottish Government endorsed steam cleaning initiatives last year when it invested heavily in steam cleaners for Scottish hospitals.

Health Secretary Nicola Sturgeon was quoted as saying:

"Cleanliness is crucial in our hospitals and is a simple way to help combat infections like MRSA and C.diff.

"Steam cleaning is a particularly effective way of cleaning areas affected by C.diff and substantially increasing the number of steam cleaners available to the NHS will ensure they are available locally when needed."

Flexible short and long term hire agreements are offered from the Clean Sweep UK team. A fixed delivery charge applies irrespective of site location within the UK. Orders placed before 10 am will be delivered the next day or before if possible. Any service calls placed before 3 pm will receive an engineering visit on the next working day.


Sanding Mops Online In Canada At The Most Economical Rates

It is Mops an undeniable fact for everyone who is involved in woodworking as wood craftsmen that a good quality sander makes the work really easy. Whether you are working with wood as a professional or just as a hobby, you should always make sure that you have a good quality sander that is easy to use and gives a smooth finish to the woods. Especially for those who are in this profession, it is very important to take care of all things that will make their work easier and quicker. A sander is basically the most efficient tool that flattens and smoothens wide wooden panels.

There are various types of high quality wood sanders available in the market. All these sanders are designed and developed in compliance with industry standards. One can easily buy these wood sanders online in various standards as well as customized specifications as per own requirement. One of the most popular type of sanders that are available in the market are drum sanders. These are also one of the most cost-effective sanders available. In addition, there are sanding mops also available in the market, which are used to give the perfect finish to your wood masterpiece.

Mini Mops are one of the most favored sanding mops. Manufactured using outstanding material similar to the Sanding Mop, Mini Mop is the most advanced accessory designed specifically for high speed rotary tools. This compact interlocking flexible sander is able to work well with speeds up to 25,000 rounds per minute, but works best at 12,000 rounds per minute. With its smaller diameter and non-loading stearate coated cloth, this works very well, while maintaining detail on woodworking and metalworking applications. And the best part is that you can also buy these Sanding Mops online in Canada.

There are many types of woodworking tools easily available in the market. But, you can also get them online if you are looking for a more convenient shopping experience. You can easily buy the best woodworking supply in Canada online at the most affordable rates. Stock Room Supply is one of the premier online stores that is engaged in offering high quality woodworking tools. Their products, such as such as V-Drum Sander, Flatmaster, Sanding Mop and the Little Ripper are manufactured by some of the leading manufacturers of woodworking tools. Also,  they are engaged in supplying Rikon Tools. Rikon is Mops one of the world popular manufacturers of woodworking tools.

More Than A Steam Cleaner The Wagner 905 Power Steamer

If you are looking for a versatile and powerful steam cleaner then you do not have to go very far to find the Warner 905 On-Demand Power Steamer. This machine goes beyond cleaning and sanitizing, it also functions as a wallpaper remover. The reason it can do all that is because of its very powerful 1500 watts of power.
Let's take a closer look at this machine because while Wagner says it can do all this, the machine promises a number of things and before you go out and purchase it you need to be sure that it can do everything that it promises.
Cleans without Cleanser
One of the first promises the Wagner 905 makes is that it cleans, sanitizes and removes all dirt, grime, mold and stains and then sanitizes the area. It does all this with just water and no cleanser at all. In removes it certainly does everything it promises in this regard. Part of the reason that it can do all that minus the chemicals is that the 1500 watts of power steams the water that is filled in the tank of this machine to such a hot temperature that it will kill and sanitize anything that is in its path. Of course for it to do everything it promises it might take some time to warm up. That is the only negative about how it cleanses and sanitizes, that users have to wait till it gets that hot. However when it gets going you can use this power steamer on stove tops, tile, barbecue grills, and flooring and it does all this extremely easily and fast.
The Wallpaper Function
The second promise that the Wagner 905 makes to consumers is that it also functions as a wallpaper remover. Using just the machine, its 1500 watts of power and water, it claims it is very easy for you to remove wallpaper in your home. In reviews from consumers they rave about how easy it does this and how great a job. It is simple, fast and even fun. Consumers are astonished at how effortless it is and how simple a procedure it is.
The Wagner 905 comes with a whole wallpaper remover kit so that you simple change the attachments and then follow the instructions and it does a great job. Consumers are impressed at all the parts that come with the machine to help make removing wallpaper easy. They include a wallpaper steam plate, floor cleaner attachment, window/tile squeegee, two extension tubes, and jet nozzle. Plus the Wagner 905 also comes with a measuring cup and funnel to help you with the whole process.

How it Performs
Consumers rave about this function and are extremely impressed with the wallpaper function on the Wagner 905. It easily and efficiently removes wallpaper up to 20 percent faster than a non power steamer. To get the wallpaper off the wall you simply hold the steam plate flat against the wallpaper for 15 to 20 seconds and then the steam will do all the work and release the steam cleaner wallpaper's adhesive, which you then can easily peel the paper off the wall.


Can Air Purifiers Remove Germs, Dust & Invisible Particles

It has been proven that indoor air is often two or five times more polluted than outside air, you may wonder how? Indoor air pollution comes from a variety of sources such as plants, house dust mites, pets, chemical used in cleaning and grooming the house, particles from outside etc. and all these are enough to make you feel sick and make you suffer from seasonal allergies. People have been recommending home air purifier to help you feel better, but do they really remove indoor air pollutants and particulates? Let's find out.
Air purifier is a device that cleans the indoor air contaminants in a designated area depending upon the specifications of the home air purifier which is helpful to people who suffer from allergies, asthma and other respiratory problems.
There are two types of air purifiers available in the market, the portable air purifiers which can clean a room of a specific size & the whole-house air purification system. The latter, in connection with the HVAC system (heating, ventilation & air conditioning) system in a home, clean the entire house.

Generally portable room air purifiers are the least expensive way to reduce indoor air pollution & are categorized based on their cleaning technology.
Activated Carbon Air Filter – Activated carbon air filters consists of a porous material which absorbs volatile chemicals on a molecular basis. This filter works best to attract odorous, gaseous and liquid contaminants.

Air purifiers are available based on different cleaning technologies and some based on combination. What you need depends on the room size and the kind of particulates you want to remove from air.

With continuous changing climatic conditions in India, one surely needs to have an air purifier. If you are looking for one now, Panasonic is one of the leading names you can trust on.
It has been proven that indoor air is often two or five times more polluted than outside air, you may wonder how? Indoor air pollution comes from a variety of sources such as plants, house dust mites, pets, chemical used in cleaning and grooming the house, particles from outside etc. and all these are enough to make you feel sick and make you suffer from seasonal allergies. People have been recommending home air purifier to help you feel better, but do they really remove indoor air pollutants and particulates? Let's find out.
Air purifiers are available based on different cleaning technologies and some based on combination. What you need depends on the room size and the kind of particulates you want to remove from air.

With continuous changing climatic conditions in Air purifier a, one surely needs to have an air purifier. If you are looking for one now, Panasonic is one of the leading names you can trust on.


Honda Pressure Washers

Choosing the right pressure washer that meets your preferences and budget is indeed a challenge.  With over thousands of brands available in the market, picking one has become a headache.  Of the many models on the market, pressure washers with Honda engine parts are most preferred. Take note that Honda Pressure Washers does not necessarily carry the Honda label on it. In fact, most of these pressure washers are made by different manufacturers. Through the years, Honda engines have gained popularity due to its features and proven quality. Furthermore, Honda offers a wide variety of engines made to suite your particular needs, whether for business or personal use.

Honda pressure cleaning machines are known for its quality engineering.  Its parts and components are made of the best materials in the market. As such, Honda engines guarantee that your pressure washer will last for many years albeit heavy cleaning jobs.

When considering a pressure washer, you need to take in mind that durability depends on its engine build. Moreover, experts recommend that pressure washers should have a reliable engine for better functionality. Selecting the brand of your pressure washer is much like purchasing a computer where you consider the processor or operating system installed on it.

The brand Honda is known in the auto industry for providing world-class engines. This same manufacturer produces Honda engines for pressure washers; hence, you are assured that your purchase is a worthy investment. Because of its established track record and the demand for Honda Pressure Washers, most companies now offer different power washer models with Honda engine installed.
DeWalt definitely knows what big boys want. With a maximum pressure of 3700 PSI and 4.0 GPM, Dewalt Model DP3700 comes with a Honda industrial engine that is easy to crank. This pressure washer is recommended for professional indoor or outdoor cleaning.

Craftsman 2600 PSI, 2.3 GPM Honda Powered Pressure Washer: This gas powered Honda Pressure Washer delivers up to 2600 PSI and 2.3 GPM. Its limited pressure is made especially for everyday clean-ups or medium-sized cleaning tasks. Craftman's adjustable nozzle makes it ideal for almost any cleaning task.
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Amtidy A325 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Features

Today's robotic Vacuum Cleaner are a far cry from the first models that you had to track down, stranded somewhere in your house, by their melancholy, "I'm out of power" beeping. The latest products clean your house, remember the layout to increase efficiency, dump their own dirt in a receptacle and find their way back to the charging station so they can rejuice.There are those of us who clean once a week, and there are those of us who clean when the in-laws come to visit. The appeal of the robotic vacuum reaches both camps: Either way, the house is a bit more spotless with minimal human input.

In this article, we'll learn about robotic vacuuming, do an in-depth examination of the amtidy robot A325(See More on Amtidy Official Site) and check out some of the other vacuuming robots on the market.
all the way up to $1,800. These vacuuming robots are typically low-slung and compact, meaning they can get under furniture that a regular upright vacuum cleaner can't.Most manufacturers will tell you that a robotic vacuum is meant to supplement a standard, human-pushed vacuum cleaner, not replace it. They're meant to perform daily or weekly touch-ups to keep your home cleaner in between regular vacuuming cycles. Still, if you're someone who never vacuums in the first place, a little robotic helper can certainly get your floor cleaner than it is right now, and you hardly have to lift a finger.
Amtidy A325 can clean for 90-150 minis on a single charge. If you have the self-charger, A325 will return and connect to the charger all by itself when the battery power is low. It accomplishes this using the infrared receiver on its front bumper. When the battery power gets low, the vacuum starts looking for the infrared signal emitted by the charger. Once it finds it, A325 follows the signal and docks itself to the charger. Some robotic vacuums with this self-charging feature will head back out to resume cleaning once they're fully recharged.

So the Amtidy A325 is smart enough to clean your floors while you're at the movies, but there are still some decisions you need to make for it. First, you need to remove small obstacles from the floor so A325 doesn't get stuck on them or try to suck them up. You also need to tell A325 where it should not go. Using included virtual wall units, you can keep the robot within certain boundaries. Virtual walls send out infrared signals that Roomba picks up with the receiver on its bumper. When it picks up a signal from a virtual wall, it knows to turn around and head the other way.
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