Tips on how to pick the ideal vacuum cleaner

How to pick the ideal vacuum cleaner?
Vacuum cleaners have earned this name because of its attribute to create a fractional vacuum and due to this fractional vacuum, the appliance sucks up the mess which you wish to clean. At the present time, vacuum cleaners have become an integral part of every household and business place. Primarily used for the purpose of cleaning carpets, the incredible appliances have now become an essential need of every house and office. Vacuum cleaners are even necessary to be present in a house where anyone has the problem of asthma or other allergy.

Vacuum cleaners today are available in different types and designs. With so many options on hand, choosing the right vacuum cleaner has become extremely tricky because you have to select the vacuum cleaner which would be perfect according to your requirements and needs.

Here we would discuss some tips about choosing the right vacuum cleaner.

Canister or Upright vacuum cleaners

Vacuum cleaners are now available in two basic types; Canister vacuum cleaners and upright vacuum cleaners. Canister vacuum cleaners have the dust bag and the motor separated with the head. The dust bag and the motor would only be connected with the head through a hose. If you have a bare floor which you have to clean frequently, then this type of vacuum cleaners could be more suitable for you.

Upright vacuum cleaners, on the other hand, have the motor and the head attached, and these types of vacuum cleaners are perfect for cleaning carpets.

Besides the above two, there are some other styles of vacuum cleaners as well. There are wet&dry vacuum cleaners which have the aptitude of sucking dry as well as wet dirt. Then there is central vacuum cleaner, which sucks the dirt from all over the place and conveys it to a central place, this type of vacuum cleaner is most suitable for industrial purposes. Robotic vacuum cleaners are vacuum cleaners which move automatically. Similarly, handheld vacuum cleaners are mostly used in cars; these vacuum cleaners are low-powered.

So principally, when choosing the right vacuum cleaner for yourself, you have to consider your requirements and needs, and in accordance to your needs, you can choose the vacuum cleaner type which would be ideal for you.

Diverse attributes of vacuum cleaners

The filters used in vacuum cleaners are different. When choosing the right vacuum cleaner, you have to consider that if you have anyone in your family who is more susceptible to allergies or respiratory problems, then you should go for a vacuum cleaner which has a good filtration system.

Vacuum cleaners are also available in bag-less and in dust bag versions. Vacuum cleaners which have dust bags perform better than bag-less vacuum cleaners, however, these prove to be more expensive in the long run since these require frequent changing of dust bags. So when you choose a vacuum cleaner which has a detachable dust bag, you need to understand that it would require you to change the dust bag later on.

With these tips in mind, you can certainly choose the right vacuum cleaner which would be perfect to fulfill your requirements and at the same time, would be according to your budget.
New model 2015---window vac

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Will an Air Purifier With an Ionizer Help With the Smell of Smoke?

Get rid of the smell of smoke, consider using an air purifier
The smell of cigarette smoke lingers indoors, and leaves its odor on clothing, upholstery, curtains and other areas. If you want to get rid of the smell of smoke, consider using an air purifier. Home air purifiers come in two main types: those with high-efficiency particulate air filters, known as HEPA, or ionizing filters. For best results, you may want to install both versions. Have a question? Get an answer from an appliance repair specialist now!

Air ionizing purifiers work by creating negative ions, causing particles in the air to magnetically attract and come together. These particles, now too large to remain in the air, fall out and are no longer particles people breathe in. Air ionizing purifiers can remove airborne particles as tiny as 0.01 microns. It neutralizes cigarette smoke and other fumes. The machine's negative ions circulate throughout an area, allowing it to remove particles throughout the room.

An ionizing air purifier does not actually collect the majority of enlarged particles it takes out of the air. Dusting or vacuuming is required to remove these particles. It does not kill germs, and while it does not kill fungi, it does take them out of the air circulation. It kills certain viruses, but not all. It does not take chemicals out of the air. However, using a HEPA air filter to complement the ionizing air purifier enables ionized particle collection.

Needlepoint Ionization
The most common type of ionizing air purifier, the needlepoint variety, works by charging the particulates right near the unit. It is effective for smoke, as well as pet dander, pollen and dust. Negative ions live only about half a minute, and coverage extends to a maximum of 500 square feet. For efficiency, move the unit around the house or purchase multiple units to run simultaneously.

Radio Ionization
A newer technology, radio ionization is similar to the needlepoint version except that it uses a radio wave, ionizing air through walls or other impediments for approximately 50 feet in each direction from the air purifier. This means it is not limited to the room in which it is stationed, and it can clean the air of an entire house. It is recommended by manufacturers for removing the smell of cigarette and cigar smoke and related odors.


How to Use a Steam Cleaner?

Steam cleaning can make your carpet look new again.
Heavily soiled carpets that do not become clean with regular vacuuming can be cleaned with a home steam cleaner. A steam cleaner uses water to deep-clean the carpet fibers, removing dirt that is inaccessible to vacuum cleaners. Steam cleaning a carpet can make it look better and smell fresher, giving it a new life. Steam cleaners can be purchased at cleaning supply stores or rented at many grocery and home improvement stores.

Things You'll Need
--Steam cleaner
--Steam cleaner machine soap
--Vacuum cleaner
--Carpet stain remover spray
vacuum cleaner


1.Remove the water container from the steam cleaner and fill it up to the "full" line with hot tap water. Add soap that is made specially for a steam cleaner. Any other soap will produce too many suds for the machine. Read the steam cleaner soap label to determine how much to use. If you desire, you can skip the soap and steam clean with just water. The water in itself will clean the carpet. For very dirty or stained carpets, the soap is a good addition to strengthen the cleaning and stain-removing power of the steam cleaner. Put the full water container back into its place.
vacuum cleaner

2.Vacuum the carpet with a regular vacuum cleaner to remove loose dirt.

3.Pre-treat any stains with a color-safe carpet stain remover. If you are unsure that the stain remover spray is safe to use on your carpet, test it on a small, hidden spot. Leave the spray on and check the spot after 30 minutes for any signs of discoloration. If the spray did not damage the carpet, spray any remaining carpet stains thoroughly. There is no need to rinse the spray from the carpet, since the steam cleaner will do the job.
wet&dry vacuum cleaner

4.Clean the carpet with the steam cleaner. Work on small sections of the carpet at a time. Go over each section of the carpet in two strokes: a stroke forward, slowly pushing the machine away from you, and a backward stroke, slowly pulling the machine toward you. On the forward stroke, hold down the lever on the handle of the machine to release water into the carpet. On the backward stroke, release the lever and allow the machine to scrub the carpet and remove the water. Move to the next section of carpet. Do not go over a section of carpet with more than one forward and one backward stroke unless there is a stubborn stain. For stubborn stains, go over the spot as many times as needed to remove it. The less you go over the carpet with the steam cleaner, the quicker the carpet will dry.

steam cleaner

5.Allow the carpet to dry fully before allowing any foot traffic. Leave the windows in the room open if weather permits, to speed the drying process. Fans can also be placed in the doorways, pointed at the carpet, to speed drying.

6.Empty any remaining water out of the steam cleaner's water container. If water is left in the machine for a long length of time, it will become stagnant.

Tips & Warnings

For faster drying, choose a warm and dry day to steam clean your carpets.
Newer carpets contain chemicals. Steam cleaning can release chemical fumes into the air. People who have allergies or chemical sensitivities should not be present when newer carpets are steam cleaned.


Choosing the Right Car Wash For Your Vehicle Can Make A Difference

Car wash
Washing a car manually consumes too much time in the course of a day, even if you choose to do it on the weekend. The best thing for busy professionals is a trip to a drive through car wash. In this way, the car gets cleaned in a fast and effective manner. Go Eco Express can provide fast and efficient service to those who are on the go. You will get your car washed in a way that will ensure that it comes clean, shiny, and sparkling.

Many people believe that the manual washing of a car is the way to get the best clean. This is not necessarily the case. The thing that is most important is the quality of the car wash or car washer. Even if you go with a manual wash, there is no guarantee that you will get the results you expect. Not every person who takes it upon himself to wash a car knows what he is doing. He may put in a tremendous amount of effort but still not get you the shine and finish that you expect once the job is done.

Doing it yourself may also run you into troubles. Having to purchase all of the materials required to clean the car properly may cause you more trouble than it is worth. The tools and products may be simple and inexpensive enough, but you may not be sure that you have all that is required; and this can lead you to making more trips to the store than necessary.

The best option is to take your car through an automatic wash. However, the same goes for automatic car washes that went for manual washing men. They are not all the same. It is therefore vital that you find one that delivers excellent quality and world class customer service. An automatic washing service that keeps good hours, offers good rates, and is oriented toward obtaining and keeping your business is the one that is most likely to meet your needs and expectations. You should also take your car only through that car wash that offers great value. You should not have to pay exorbitant fees to get your car washed. Only the ones that offer competitive prices and consistently provide excellent deals and packages are worth dealing with. And you should ensure that they have a well-established record and reputation for safety. The last thing you want is to find that your car was scratched or otherwise damages while you were taking it through.

Fortunately, it is not that hard to find a car wash or high pressure washer that meet the criteria described above. The best place to begin your search is the worldwide web. Using the web will enable you to effectively and efficiently scan for automatic car washes near your home. It will allow you to bring the sites of various washes to your computer screen, where you will be able to evaluate each one for quality, value, and service; and make an informed decision about where to take your car.

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How to Steam-Clean Upholstered Furniture?

How to Steam-Clean Upholstered Furniture
Given the nature of upholstered furniture, it may be difficult to fully remove stains, spills and other residue. Steam cleaning can provide a solution. This can be done at home using either a purchased or rented steam cleaner and some basic supplies.

Things You'll Need:
-Vacuum cleaner
-Upholstery pre-spray
-Upholstery brush
-Steam cleaner
-Fan, optional


1.Vacuum the furniture thoroughly. This will remove any loose debris, hair and dirt. Remove the cushions and vacuum them. Vacuum the sides and back of the furniture. Clean the crevices at the bottom of the armrests and base of the couch and the back and the base. A lot of debris collects here that will affect how well you are able to steam-clean the furniture.

 vacuum cleaner
vacuum cleaner
2.Use a pre-spray on the furniture. This will help lift some of the dirt that is ground into the furniture. All-purpose sprays are available or you can buy sprays that are made for specific material. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for how long it needs to set on the furniture.

3.Brush the fabric with an upholstery brush.

4.Set up the steam cleaner according to the manufacturer's instructions. Add water and any steam cleaner solution to the machine and allow it to heat.

5.Run the upholstery attachment over the furniture piece as you would a vacuum cleaner, using long, even strokes. Clean one area at a time. Do this over the entire piece of furniture and any cushions.

6.Allow the furniture to air-dry. Set up a fan nearby to hasten the drying process and open the windows if it's a warm, dry day.

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Do Air Purifiers Help Get Rid of Smoke Smell?

Air purifiers are machines that clean the air that passes through them. While allergens such as spores and pet dander are often cleaned out of air, smoke and the smells that it causes are also a target. Have a question? Get an answer from an appliance repair specialist now!

An air purifier works through electrostatic charges. Plates in the air purifier are charged, creating an attraction for particles in the air; these particles then adhere to the plates, thus taking them out of the air.

Smoke is filtered out when an air purifier is used. However, if the smoke manages to adhere to the floor, ceiling or furniture, then the odor will only be reduced and not eliminated.

Motorized air purifiers have a fan in them, and that fan draws in more air (and smoke), which can then be purified more quickly.

When the plates are removed from an air purifier to be cleaned, the particles could be re-released into the air. To avoid this, be careful and follow any instructions provided.

Additional Efforts
Generally speaking, an air purifier will not be enough to clean the air and eliminate smoke on its own. It should be a part of a multiple-step attempt to keep the air clean, such as leaving out coffee grounds to help absorb odors.

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How to Clean Hardwood Floors With Steam Cleaner

Clean Hardwood Floors With Steam
The traditional way to clean hardwood floors is to first sweep and then mop them. In many cases, this traditional method works just fine. However, if your floors get an unusual amount of traffic or if members of your household suffer from allergies, you may want to consider steam cleaning them. Steam cleaning kills bacteria and microbes that are not killed by regular mopping. Therefore, a home steam cleaned floor can reduce allergies in your house and ensure that your floor is as clean as it can get.


1.Remove any dirt, grit or loose particles from the floor by sweeping or vacuuming it. This is a very important step because your floor can be scratched by dirt left on the floor and trapped under the steam cleaner.

2.Fill the water canister in your home steam cleaner. If you choose to use cleaning solution, add the solution at this time.

3.Begin cleaning in one corner of the room and work toward the opposite corner. Use a back and forth motion as you clean, just as you would with a vacuum cleaner. When you push forward, the steam is released, and when you pull back, the cleaner picks up the grime. Continue until the room is completely cleaned.

4.Empty the steam cleaner and wipe the cleaning pad on the bottom so it is ready for the next use.

Tips & Warnings

Make sure your hardwood floors are sealed before steam cleaning them. If there are spots that are not sealed, you may notice some warping from excessive moisture.
Don't use a steam cleaner on hardwoods that is not intended to be used on wood. Some cleaners intended for other hard surfaces such as tile or linoleum can actually damage hardwood floors. Read the manufacturer's directions and warnings before purchasing or renting a steam cleaner for hardwood floors.

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How to Fix a Broken Vacuum With No Suction

When your vacuum cleaner has stopped sucking up dirt, dust and debris, the most common cause is a clog or blockage somewhere. The basics of most modern vacuum cleaners work like this; a vacuum pulls air through the bag, then through the tube attachment and then through the base that has the spinning beater bar. Somewhere along this route there is a clog, some type of blockage or even something as simple as a broken vacuum bag.

Things You'll Need:
---Philips screw driver
---Flat head screw driver
---Garden hose
---Needle nose pliers


1.Check for signs of suction. Remove the tube attachment from its cradle, if applicable, and after turning on the vacuum, put your hand to the end of the tube to determine if there is any suction. If there is a little bit of suction then you may have a clogged air tube.

2.Check the vacuum bag. It may be very full. If it is then remove the bag and replace it with a new bag. Check the suction power again to determine if the suction has improved.

3.Check the tube attachment. Completely remove it from the vacuum. You usually have to twist and pull the tube attachment out of place at the point where it connects to the back of the vacuum. Check the suction power again. This time you place your hand on the vacuum right where the tube used to come out of the back of the vacuum. If the suction is good at this point, then the tube is most likely clogged or blocked.

4.Clean the tube by first trying to shake the debris out of the tube. If this does not work then run water from a hose through the tube. Use a pressure nozzle if you have one. Run the hose through one end of the tube. Then run it through the other end. Repeat until the debris is dislodged. Dry the tube and then reattach to the vacuum.

5.Check the air hose in the base of the vacuum. This hose is usually pretty short and you can see if there is any blockage. If you see blockage then try to remove it. You may need to reach into the hose with a tool like a needle nose pliers.

6.Check the intake port on the bottom where the beater bar is. You will be able to see a clog here just by turning the vacuum over. Clean out the intake with a needle nose pliers.

Tips & Warnings

Always unplug electrical devices before you work on them. Never work on electrical devices around water or when you are wet.

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How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs With Steam

Steam is one solution that kills both bed bugs and their eggs.
At one time, "don't let the bed bugs bite" was just a cute saying tacked onto "good night." Since the closing of World War II, through better hygiene and the use of DDT, bed bugs were mostly a third-world problem. These bugs are back and, due to a global economy, they are everywhere. It matters little if you are a homeowner or an apartment dweller, you can get them. They are difficult to get rid of, even for professional pest control technicians. Plenty of pesticides will kill the adult bugs but there are none available, even for the professionals, that can penetrate their eggs. Steam, however, is one solution that will kill them both. Have a question? Get an answer from Morck now!

Things You'll Need:
--Home steam cleaner


1.Remove bed linens, clothes and other fabric items that can be laundered and seal them in plastic bags.

2.Inspect the entire room beginning with the mattress and progressing outward to the box spring, headboard, bed frame, night tables and carpet. Use a flashlight and look for dried blood spots as well as living bugs, especially in cracks and crevices.

3.Disassemble any items that have parts such as bed frames, lamps and outlet covers. Remove and inspect drawers, look along and under baseboards, and inspect curtains.


1.Fill the steam cleaner with water and turn it on. Wait for it to reach its optimal operating temperature. Most steamers indicate this temperature with a light. If your machine has multiple settings, set the steamer to a low vapor rate to prevent it from blowing insects away from the steam unharmed.

2.Steam the mattress edges and piping because the folds are a favorite hiding place for bed bugs. Newly hatched bed bugs are tiny and may dwell deep inside the mattress. To ensure complete penetration of steam, the steamer wand should make contact with the heated surface throughout the procedure.

3.Test the heated surface with an infrared thermometer to ensure that it is 176 degrees Fahrenheit (80 degrees Celsius). Higher temperatures can cause property damage and lower temperatures will not kill the bugs.

4.Concentrate your initial efforts where you found the largest concentration of bugs during your inspection, but steam all seams, inside cracks, crevices and holes. Your steamer wand should move at a rate of 1 foot per 10 seconds on fabric. Move faster on hard surfaces, particularly those with a finish.

5.Launder bagged linens using the highest temperatures possible.
Tips & Warnings

Using two steamers is better so that one is heating while the other steams.
Follow up steam treatments are usually required. Professional pest control firms usually follow steam treatments with a pesticide application.

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