How to Promote Your Carpet Cleaning Services to Schools

Your carpet cleaning business should be promoted to anyone with carpeted floors, including colleges, grade schools and other educational institutions. These are places where people go to fill their heads with knowledge – shouldn't it be nice and clean? To ensure this, indoor air quality has to be fairly high. Carpets are known for capturing pollutants, chemicals and allergens that can clog the body with toxins. This is unhealthy and not an environment that students, or anyone, should be in. This is where your portable and truck mounted carpet cleaning machines come in.

If you're pitching your carpet cleaning services to a school, why not start here? Everyone cares about the air they breathe, especially those who suffer from allergies. Schools are responsible for the children and adults they house in their facilities, so surely they want to keep them safe. This is a good time to also promote how commercial carpet steam cleaners can be helpful in restoring their floors and air quality.

You can imagine how messy dorms can get. Getting stains and dirt out of the carpets can't be done with your typical vacuum cleaners. And the other restoration equipment that's for sale on the market may be outside of the budget of the school. Your carpet cleaning services, and your high-quality portable carpet cleaning machine, can be of use here.

Most schools have their own carpet cleaning machines they use to keep their floors clean. However, studies show that a large amount of soap residue can be found in between carpet fibers when it's not properly extracted. This residue also builds up due to improper filtration of outdoor air coming in from HVAC systems, as well as foot traffic and using the wrong cleaning solutions. Not using hot water extraction and vacuums properly can also play a role in this dilemma. This buildup only contributes to airborne particulates students and personnel end up breathing in.

One way to keep the carpets clean is to minimize the dirt that's tracked in. Your commercial pressure washing equipment can be used to clear off walkways, sidewalks and driveways. A carpet care strategy should be put into place where the outside and inside of the property is regularly cleaned, especially the entrances and exits.

Make sure when you're promoting your carpet cleaning services, you're also pointing out the cleaning solutions, portable and truck mounted machines you use for the job.
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